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This Ministry body governs our kindergarten
and grade school program,

Ministry of Education, Ontario:

This Ministry body governs our preschool programs,

Kendellhurst Academy is a member of the Ontario Federation of independent Schools:

To learn more about our Organic Kids Catering service, please visit the following website:

By bringing the Virtues Project to life, Kendellhurst Academy instils the value of Global Citizenship and Civic/Social Responsibility in our student body.

The Virtues Project:

Our grade school skating program is held at the following arena:

Vic Johnston Community Centre and Arena:

Professional organizations that monitor the teaching profession:

The Ontario College of Teachers:

The College of Early Childhood Educators:

This link describes one of our classroom environmental awareness projects.

Bring Back the Salmon Project:

Our school uniform provider is New Uniform Shoppe :

Our signature athletic program is run by Sportletics, see the following web link: They provide our students with martial arts, yoga, mindfulness, tai chi, box fit and Zumba classes on Wellness Wednesdays from October to June!

To learn more about our Streetsville community , see the following web link:

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